China’s Durian fascination continues to permeate in China, with food brand Lay’s most recently joining the fray with their Durian-flavored potato chips.

The snack food company introduced the limited edition item last month with the name “Little Durian Monster (小怪兽榴莲味),” characterized by a cartoon-like face printed over the spiky Southeast Asian delicacy.

The potato chip brand now forms part of the crowd of fast food producers that are using Durian in their menu. Pizza Hut currently has Durian pizzas on offer, while KFC used to sell durian egg tarts. McDonald’s has a Durian ice cream in their Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong outlets.

The new Lay’s flavors can be found on Tmall at ¥99 for two 125-gram bags of Durian, or at convenience stores around town.