Durian Harvests Provides a Full Range of Services

Employing the services of experienced Durian professionals enables both small and large scale owners to improve their operational efficiency, growth, yields and ultimately profitability.

Durian Harvests through its experienced team, associated company Plantations International and other management companies, has the experience and capability to provide a complete range of Durian plantation management services. These cover three key services – pre-development services, development and management services & advisory services.

Pre-Development Services

  • Soil sampling and suitability surveys of sites
  • Plantation feasibility study and financial analysis
  • Plantation development planning

Development Services

  • Land clearing, soil preparation, land levelling, irrigation and planting
  • Sourcing of quality and optimal planting materials, fertilizers and pesticides including herbicides, insecticides, fungicides
  • Sustainable development and use of sustainable alternatives to traditional pesticides
  • Planning, designing and establishment of nurseries
  • Creation of company wide policies catered to the specific requirements of clients

Management & Advisory Services

  • Complete maintenance and management of plantations
  • Customized managerial agent services including training, supply of personnel
  • Marketing services and sale of produce and harvested products
  • Agronomic services including fertilizer recommendations, plant nutrition management program, pest and disease control and management

Additional advisory services including review of all existing operations and practices, problem solving, managerial recommendations, and the analysis of operations and costs to improve plantation performance and profitability.

Durian Harvests through its associated company Plantations International is also capable of providing additional services related to a wide spectrum of agricultural and forestry species. Plantations International understands the inherent challenges that plantation management entails from small to large scale operations and across multiple species. For decades its team has managed both its own interests in addition to many other international plantations for its clients with great success.