Durian Prices, Musang King & Other Common Varieties

The following price lists are provided as a guide for some of the most popular Durian varieties. Pricing has been collated from a variety of local based stalls and converted to USD/KG and averaged.  Kindly note that Durian fruit market prices can often change due to seasonality, and other demand and supply factors. Additionally, market prices are also a factor of store location and perceived quality.

Domestic Pricing

The following prices are as of early to mid-2018.

Name Other Names Country Code USD/KG
Musang King Mau Shan Wang, Raja Kunyit, Cat Mountain King, Civet Cat King Malaysia D197 20-25
Sultan Bukit Merah Malaysia D24 12-15
Golden Phoenix Jin Feng Malaysia 10-15
Red Prawn Hong Xia, Ang Hei, Ang Heh Malaysia 6-12
Green Bamboo Tek Kah, Zhu Jiao, Qing Zhu,Buluh Bawa Malaysia D160 6-12
D101 Malaysia D101 6-8
D13 Malaysia D13 6-8
Monthong Golden Pillow Thailand D159 4-5
Kan Yau Kan Yao, Gaan Yaow, Gan Yau, Gaanyaao Thailand D158 4-5
Cha Nee Gibbon Thailand D123 3-5

Musang King Prices Regionally

Durian Harvests specializes in Malaysia’s Musang King Durian variety which is also known as Mao Shan Wang or D197. Musang King is the most sought after and expensive Durian variety due to its appealing texture and flavour. Prices for Musang King Durian in the key markets of Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and China are provided below for reference purpose. The following prices are as of late 2017.

Market USD/KG
Malaysia 24.49
Singapore 27.81
Hong Kong 50.96
China 122.47