Durian Products

Demand for Durian, considered a delicacy across Asia, has been growing enormously with new Durian based products continuously being developed. Major global companies such as Nestle, F&N, McDonald’s and Pizza Hut have all released Durian based products in effort to capture this growing market. Durian products typically fall into 4 key market segments: Raw Durian Fruit, Desserts, Snacks and Beverages. Durian Harvests has the capability of producing a wide array of products across all key market segments.

  • Raw Durian Fruit – Comprised of fresh, frozen and dry Durian
  • Dessert Products – Ice cream, cake, jams and other pastries
  • Snacks– Include chips, crackers and confections such as candies
  • Beverages – Include coffee, tea, milk and juice

Durian Harvests has access to the entire value chain – from planting and managing Musang King Durian plantations in Johor, Malaysia, to the harvesting, sale and marketing of Musang King Durian related products. Durian Harvests, through its network of associated companies, can also provide white label, also known as private label, products and services to food & beverage companies. This means that you can place your own branding and logos on a wide range of Musang King Durian products quickly and cost effectively and sell and market them as your own, under your own brand.

We will assist you with reaching your goals by saving you both time and money. Furthermore, we can also assist you with the full concept design, product development and distribution of all your Musang King Durian related products. We can cater to both the retail and wholesale market domestically and internationally.

Durian Harvests can create for you a retail product range include Musang King Durian ice creams, beverages and snacks. We can also help you market your Musang King Durian paste and powder which are used by restaurants and F&B companies as ingredient in the production of a variety of products. Please contact Durian Harvest today to learn more about what we can do for you!

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