Durian Harvests

One of the world’s leading Durian companies. We own, manage and provide services to Durian focused plantations across the world. 

We provide services to individuals and large companies alike. To learn more about Durian please contact us.

About Us

Durian Harvests is a Malaysian registered company providing Durian plantation management and other related services.  It is an associated company of Plantations International, a multinational plantation and farm management company whose specialty is in providing sustainable agricultural, forestry and agroforestry management services for its clients.

Durian Harvests provides a wide array of Durian related services – from plantation development and management to end product manufacturing. We are specifically focused on supplying high quality Musang King Durian to China, the world’s fastest growing market.



Sustainability – Social Responsibility – Profitability

Plantation Management

We specialize in the complete management of Durian plantations, particularly of the Musang King variety, for ourselves and our clients. Our experienced team provides professional management which has sorely been lacking in the Durian industry.      

Plantation Services

We provide a broad range of customized solutions to plantations that are just getting into Durian, looking to improve their existing operations or move up the value chain – by developing and selling end products.


We keep our clients informed of key developments in the Durian market and provide market research reports covering the industry. Research is a key ancillary activity helping us constantly innovate, improve and strategically prepare for the future. 

Ownership Opportunities

We provide unique ownership opportunities to clients that wish to own their own plantations. Ownership can be customized to suit their needs and can include management services if required. To find out more please contact us.